Devys WHO???

1044161_10201419659560893_1136826283_nLook beyond the poet, beyond the emcee–there’s more to this spoken word artist than meets the eye or the ear that’s best described as heartfelt wordplay.  Emerging from the Cultural Arts incubator that is Sarasota, Father, Son, Artist , Author and Visionary, DevysOne, combines personal experience and compassion with an enlightened modern world view laced with empathy to create poetry that is more than just heard…it’s experienced!

DevysOne has enjoyed performing at some of Florida’s premier spoken word venues, from Tampa to Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach and Marlee’s Coffee & Tea in Atlanta. Blessed with a dis-arming smile, persona, voice, and presence, DevysOne is rapidly becoming one of Florida’s highly sought after spoken word performance artists.

MixCratePic_300Before touring full time, DevysOne became the Founder of The WordPlay Cafe in Sarasota and has dedicated that as a platform for the art of spoken word and poetry. Joined by his Co-Founder and Partner In Rhyme – Dazery the Poet, the reality of spoken word expression has taken root in Sarasota and continues to grow and flourish.

Spoken word goes beyond being purely entertainment – it’s therapeutic. DevysOne is genuinely committed to sparking the revival of poetry as a cultural gift. From the time when spoken word was how we expressed ourselves, taught our children and passed on the legacies and legends to the generations coming after us.

He has been invited to contribute at weddings, speak at community forums and events, lead workshops and more. There is an underlying passion that fuels his willingness and it’s deeply rooted in community activism/building and the quest for long-lasting social growth both within his immediate environment but more so in the minds of todays youth.

So, when you look beyond the poet, beyond the emcee–you’ll find DevysOne. Relating the experience – connecting the emotion – reminding us all that Life is about Loving and that we are ALL CONNECTED! This is where you’ll find DevysOne – delivering words that you will feel!


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